PPOA Board Openings, Meeting Date, Other Info

January 1, 2021

Dear Ponderosa Property Owner,

In this letter, the PPOA Board of Directors wishes to inform you of a several changes in our Association.  As many of you may know, our president, Scott James informed the Board of his resignation on November 22. A few days later, we learned of the resignation of Tara James, chairperson of the Social Committee. The board accepted their resignations and thank Scott for the many services he provided during his tenure as President of the Board and the challenging times of the SQF complex fire. The Board also thanks his wife Tara for serving as chairperson of the Social Committee. In their resignation, Scott and Tara reiterated their desire to continue to help in maintaining the welcoming and caring community atmosphere that has existed in Ponderosa.    

Yves DeClerck, vice president is thus serving as acting president until a new Board member is recruited and Board positions reassigned if needed. Since November 25, the directors met on 2 occasions and made several decisions summarized in this letter: 

  1. Status of the Association: As you learned in our Fall 2020 Newsletter, a separate organization has been established for the fire brigade which is not under the PPOA anymore. This gave us an opportunity to reconsider the status of the association established in 1968 as a 501© (4). Such status is held by associations whose function is primarily social. The Board made the decision to apply for a 501© (3) status (charity) which would allow the association to fundraise and apply to State and Federal grants to improve the community such as land clearing, fuel reduction and other projects. We should know about the approval of our status in a few months.  This separation also allows both the PPOA and the Fire Brigade to potentially apply for the same grants and each be awarded funding.
  2. PPOA Mission and Values: As the association is seeking a new status and is redefining its role, the directors reaffirmed its original mission of 1968 :  “To promote the welfare and enjoyment of the property owners “ but added to this mission statement five  values that summarize the spirit in which the association will pursue its activities for the community, – Honesty, Diversity, Community, Communication and Environment -. The mission statement and values are included with this letter and will be posted on the PPOA website and in the newsletter. 
  3. Vacancies on the Board and the Social Committee: There are presently 2 vacant positions, one on the Board and one as chairperson of the social committee. The Board wants to encourage as many members of the association interested in these positions to apply.  As communicated in December, those interested in the Board position (commitment till September 2022) should contact Lorna Williams, chairperson of the nomination committee at lornamc84@gmail.com.  Those interested in the social committee chairperson position should contact Yves DeClerck, at declerck.yves5@gmail.com. Applications must be received by February 1, 2021 and the Board anticipates selections shortly thereafter.
  4. Social events: The directors of the PPOA Board decided that with the COVID-19 pandemic situation still unpredictable, social events involving gatherings should not be organized by the Board till the situation is under control. The Board is planning a special and larger event in the summer should the pandemic be over. We made the specific decision to cancel the February Snow Day due to COVID restrictions. 
  5. Association bylaws: The Board has developed a few proposed revisions to the bylaws of the association and those will be communicated to all members of the PPOA in a few months when the new status of the association is completed. There will be an opportunity for members to provide input and a final approval of the bylaws will likely take place at our May (Memorial Day week end) meeting.
  6. February 2021 meeting: The PPOA will hold an open meeting on Sunday February 14, 2021 at 10.00am. The meeting will be on zoom. Members of the PPOA who wish to attend should send an email to declerck.yves5@gmail.com in order to receive the invitation. 
  7. 2021 membership: With this letter, is a letter from Julie Lapere, PPOA treasurer, inviting you to renew your membership or to become a member of the PPOA. The directors of the Board want to encourage all owners to join the association. With our new status, we intend to continue and increase its service to the community. There are many projects in need of the PPOA’s attention (fuel reduction, street signage, trail improvement) that the Board is eager to support and start. 

We survived the 2020 SQF fire and we are seeing the beginning of the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our heart and thoughts go to all those who were more deeply affected.  We remain deeply appreciative to all the firefighters and multiple agencies whose hard work saved our community and we thank Edison for restoring our power so quickly to allow us to enjoy the mountains. The directors of the Board are looking forward to great year 2021.  

Yves DeClerck President                                                            Juana Gray, Member at large

Matthew Corso, Secretary                                                         Richard Thomas, Member at large

Julie Lapere, Treasurer                                                              Kit Korf, Member at large 


Ponderosa Property Owners Association

Our Mission 

The mission of the Ponderosa Property Owners Association is to promote the welfare and enjoyment of the property owners.  

Our Values

Honesty:  We will be open and honest in all our actions and activities

Community:  We will engage in only those activities that serve and build our community and avoid any that detract from or divide it

Diversity:  We welcome all to our community and will champion equity and inclusion for all. We are committed to representing and reflecting our whole community

Communication:  We believe communication is a two-way street.  We welcome input from the community, and we will attempt to keep the community informed about all action, activities, and initiatives of the Association

Environment:  We will engage in activities as an Association that protect and promote our environment which includes our natural habitat and resources as well as the general appearance of our mountain community and the many recreational opportunities it presents. 

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PPOA Newsletter. November, 2020

Please read all about the latest happenings in Pondo….there has been a lot going on! Click here for the Newsletter:

Here’s a message from our new PPOA President:


            It is both a great and humbling honor to have been selected as your new PPOA President. I must first express the debt of gratitude our community owes to Mr. Kit Korf, and his lovely wife Betty, for their years of dedication and service to Ponderosa. We cannot thank them enough for all they have done for our community over many decades, and when you see them next please take the time to thank them in person.

            The weeks since my selection as your PPOA President in September have at times felt like the longest 10 years of my life, as we collectively awaited the outcome of the SQF Complex Fire. I would like to thank each and every one of you who shared your memories of Ponderosa, shared encouraging words and even a bit of humor on our PPOA Facebook page (“Ponderosa Community Only – PPOA”) during those long days and nights as the fire began to surround Ponderosa and the outlook did not look promising. I also want to point out that the #PondoStrong t-shirts were designed by our own Rebecca Corso during the fire, at a time when our streets might well have been all that was left of Ponderosa. Those shirts are now a testament to the spirit of Ponderosa, and are a show of our strength and resilience during our darkest time. 

As a community we survived a long, stressful, and traumatic experience together and we all have some healing to do. And while our homes were saved by the tireless hard work and dedication of hundreds of firefighters, their valiant battles during the fire were not all won, and we are all heartbroken for those who have lost their homes and for our beautiful forest, which will not look the same for many years to come. 

            We must continue to be vigilant about the risk of fire inside of Ponderosa, ensuring that our lots are maintained and debris-free. It is a duty we owe to each other. We do not want to have survived the SQF Complex Fire only to lose cabins as a result of our own negligence.

            I hope to see you all at our Thanksgiving Potluck, and be sure to look for the new format this year that was created to ensure we help the Lodge meet its CDC requirements. Be sure to sign up for a dish to bring, and keep in mind we will be serving take-away meals only.

We also have the Ponderosa Holiday Lights Competition coming up, and I hear the Lowrys and Hildreths are bragging that they are “going full Clark Griswold this year” so the gauntlet has been thrown down. We look forward to seeing what trophies Richard Thomas comes up with this year, as they are becoming quite the collector’s item on the mountain.

We have events in the works to properly thank our fire fighters and first responders, as well as an annual event to celebrate our firefighters. More information on those will be coming soon.

As so many newcomers to Ponderosa have said repeatedly, we came looking for a cabin, and what we found was new friends and an incredibly supportive community. My wife and I count ourselves incredibly blessed to be a part of Ponderosa, and we hope you feel the same way. 

Scott R. James II

PPOA President

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PPOA Newsletter, August 2020

We have a great newsletter for this month.  Please click here for the newsletter.

Some highlights:

PPOA Board Meeting Sept. 6th, 2020, 10am.  Elections will be held, if you’re interested in serving please email Lorna

Want to join the Fire Brigade?  Email Dave

Want to join the book club? Email Tammi

Want to join the ladies who hike?  Email Michelle or Tammi

Enjoy the mountains!

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Firefighter Memorial Trees Planted in Ponderosa, Ca

Our little community came together (in a socially distant way, given the times) in May, to plant two trees in memory of Ray Figueroa and Patrick Jones.  Ray and Patrick were firefighters from Porterville, Ca who were both killed in the line of duty battling a library fire in February of this year.  They were both friends and colleagues of the Ponderosa Property Owners Association Volunteer Fire Brigade Chief Dave LaPere. Many from our community knew and respected Ray and Patrick…and were deeply saddened by their tragic deaths.
ppoa 043 (2)
There was a small gathering at the fire brigade building where the trees were planted. Jeff Gletne who is a resident of Ponderosa was able to get seedlings from the “Genesis” Sequoia tree in Mountain Home State Forest for the planting.
We look forward to seeing these trees grow throughout the years, while we remember that Ray and Patrick made the ultimate sacrifice for their community.
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