Welcome to the new Ponderosa, California Website

Have a look around, and feel free to contact us if you would like something added.

We’ve also set up a Facebook Page where all posts will be shared as well.

Click here for upcoming events.

Click here for a listing of folks who support our community through their services.

Have a photo to share?  Email us!

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Ponderosa Weather, Real Time

I bought a weather station, so feel free to check Ponderosa’s live weather data now!

Weather link

More weather info here.

I hope to have a Weather Underground site set up soon as well for more data. Any experts out there want to help?

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The First Dusting of Snow!

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Highway 190 Sunset, Just West of Ponderosa, 11/25/17

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Winter is Here. Almost.

Icicles are starting to form on the waterfall.

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