Trail of 100 Giants


Season: May through October
Distance: 1/2 mile, round trip
Elevation: 6,400 feet
Difficulty: Easy – 30 minutes
Drinking water: Available at Campground

This trail is the authors’ favorite for showing our venerable Sequoias to visiting geriatrics, infants and friends with respiratory distress. We have yet to tire of visiting this lovely area and are delighted to be asked to go along.

It begins 10.7 miles south of the Ponderosa Lodge. It is just across the “Great Western Divide highway” from Redwood Meadow Campground of the Long Meadow Sequoia Grove. This gentle trail (6% maximum grade) is suitable for wheel chairs and loops its way through the grove. Many fine interpretive signs are found throughout.

The Giant Sequoias (Sequoiadendron Giganteum) are the largest trees in the world. The branches of the old ones, growing 100 or more feet from the ground, are 6 – 8 feet in diameter and are larger than most trees. Giant Sequoias are native only to the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. No county, except Fresno and Tulare, has more than one of the 59 or so Sequoia groves. Fresno has but three. you are indeed in a most exceptional part of the world. This is “Sequoia Country”.