Welcome to the new Ponderosa, California Website

Have a look around, and feel free to contact us if you would like something added.

We’ve also set up a Facebook Page where all posts will be shared as well.

Click here for upcoming events.

Click here for a listing of folks who support our community through their services.

Have a photo to share?  Email us!

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7 Responses to Welcome to the new Ponderosa, California Website

  1. Brad califf says:

    Please add the weather forecast link


  2. Mike McWilliams says:

    The new website looks fantastic and the pictures are gorgeous! We’re looking forward to seeing it grow over time. Would love to see a page with current weather conditions if you can get that back,


  3. Lawrence W Gray says:

    Great work on the website, very clean and easy to navigate. How might PPOA members get the required password to access the additional information? Thanks


    • Tenalu says:

      Send a contact request through this website and we’ll get you set up. Also the PPOA board I believe will talk about the best way to get that info out to members.


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