**Ponderosa Fire Brigade Update**

Attn: Ponderosa Community

Chief LaPere and the members of your Ponderosa Fire Brigade would like to thank the Ponderosa Community Services District for allowing the Fire Brigade to house our fire truck at the PCSD building since 2007. The PCSD Board of Directors decided to give the Fire Brigade 30 days’ notice to relocate so the PCSD could have the room for new snow removal equipment.

The Ponderosa Fire Brigade is relocating to John & Annie Bozanich’s property. They both graciously have offered up their entire property to assist us until we find a new permanent home.

Matt Goldsmith of Jordan-Slate Earthwork has offered to donate his snow plowing service to keep the section of road open on the property so we may access it during winter weather conditions. Please take a moment to thank Matt and the Bozanich’s for their dedication to the safety of our beautiful community.

The Ponderosa Fire Brigade is currently looking for property inside the Ponderosa to acquire for its new headquarters. The PFB needs a permanent home so that the community has local support with Fire and EMS services.  If you have any leads, please contact one of the members below.

The Ponderosa Fire Brigade will continue to serve the community and will stay focused on the future for success. 

Ponderosa Fire Brigade

Chief Dave Lapere(559) 542-2452
Asst Chief ( Operations) Frank Ohnesorgen(559) 542-2433
Asst Chief (Admin)  Scott Ray James II (559) 542-2592

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