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Fall in Ponderosa….and Jordan Peak Photos

Jordan Peak……so beautiful, and so close to Pondo. It’s also getting chilly up the mountain and the leaves are beautiful!  Come on up and share your photos with us.

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Fire Brigade Training

The Ponderosa Volunteer Fire Brigade is always training and prepping for the worst. Here they are learning how to pump water from lake in case of a fire.

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Pier Fire hazard mitigation work proposed

20180220PierFireScoping SPRINGVILLE, Calif. — The Pier Fire burned nearly 37,000 acres last summer, most of it on the Western Divide Ranger District in Giant Sequoia National Monument, Sequoia National Forest. An effort is proposed to remove the burned trees along … Continue reading

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Windy Road…Two Kinds of People…Which One Are You?

You’re either going to say “wheeeeee!!!! after you see this or you’re going to say “no way!” Which one are you? 👍👎🏔 Highway 190 East to Ponderosa is a fun one. These curves are some of the most extreme. Starting … Continue reading

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