PPOA Board Meeting, Sunday Dec, 12th, 2021

Sunday December 12, 2021 10:00 am ZoomWebinar.

PPOA members interested in joining should send a request to declerck.yves5@gmail.com and will receive the link to attend the meeting. 


1. Review and approval of the minutes of the September 5, 2021 meeting

2. Treasurer position: 

        a. Discussion on the position of CFO: Richard Thomas 

        b. Nomination of a new PPOA Board member and confirmation for Treasurer position Richard Thomas

         c. Plan for membership 2022 All 

3. IRS status: update on communications with IRS Sharon Thomas

4. Introduction of Newsletter committee chairperson: Yves DeClerck

5. Transition till full PPOA Board membership is achieved Yves DeClerck 

6. PPOA Holiday Light Contest event: Richard Thomas

7. PPOA Snow day: discussion on potential event.  All

8. Windy fire: Recognition plaque: Yves DeClerck

Reports from Committees: 

  a. Social committee: Tammy Stewart 

b. Fire Brigade contact: Richard Thomas

c. Street sign project: Yves DeClerck

d. Welcoming pamphlet: Yves DeClerck-Lorna McWilliams 

Open Discussion All

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