California Fire News Coverage, Pier Fire 

It’s been said that the Pier Fire is getting little to no news attention outside of the Central Valley.  This appears to be true as the news of the La Tuna fire and the fire near Yosemite (Railroad Fire) are getting a lot of coverage, even, nationally. I wanted to see a comparison of these fires, by size. 

The Pier fire is by far the largest, with the most homes threatened. But why do we get no news coverage? 

Below are screen captures of the fires, all at the same zoom.  Arcgis link. 

Pier Fire: 17,000+ acres

La Tuna Fire: 7,000 acres 

Railroad Fire: 9,000 acres

What a striking difference. 
#pierfire #thecentralvalleyexists


Green dots are homes. 

Blue line is the mandatory evac area.

Green lines are voluntary evac areas. 

Squares are cities. 

Triangles are road closures. 

Red dots represent active fire, which includes controlled backfires that crews are setting to burn fuel ahead of the fire. 

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1 Response to California Fire News Coverage, Pier Fire 

  1. Angie Soriano says:

    I’m one of those green don’t and I’m great full to all the first responders for there help! We live in GODs country and are praying for all involved to be safe as they risk all for us…


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