Pier Fire Update, 9pm, 9/4/17

It appears the famous flume above Springville has burned, along with a lot of So Cal Edison infrastructure. 
Size: 17,980 

Percent Contained: 10% 

Fire Start: August 29, 2017 

Location: Highway 190, east of Springville 

Cause: Human caused, under investigation 

Total Personnel: 1,416 

Injuries: 3 minor injuries 

Resources: 30 Crews, 6 Helicopters, 113 Engines, 21 Dozers, 13 Water Tenders

Special Announcement:

Residents affected by the Pier Fire are encouraged to attend a follow-up community meeting on Tuesday, September 5th at Porterville College located at 100 E. College Ave. in Porterville. The meeting is set to begin at 6:00 p.m. and will take place in the Student Conference Center.
Fire Summary: Light rain slowed the fires advance last night and early this morning, but when the sun came out this afternoon, the fire became active again. On the west side of the fire near Balch Park Road, good progress was made in lighter fuels. Containment lines were built along the edge of the fire where it was less active, and those efforts will continue overnight.
Another spot fire along Redwood Drive around 10 a.m. today will require additional efforts. The perimeter of the Fire between Rogers Camp and Hwy 190 became active this afternoon, air tankers dropped retardant along Bateman Ridge and many resources will be working in there overnight to slow the spread. 

Evacuations: Tulare County has two levels of evacuations: mandatory and voluntary. Mandatory evacuations are issued when the fire poses an imminent threat to life and property. Voluntary evacuations means residents should either evacuate or be prepared to do so should fire conditions worsen.

Mandatory: Residences along Balch Park Road (County J37) north of Highway 190 to Bear Creek Road, Bear Creek Road (County 220) east of Balch Park Road, Scicon, Mountain Home Conservation Camp, Upper Rio Vista, Cow Mountain (Springville area), Sequoia Crest, Mountain Aire, Rogers Camp, Pierpoint Springs, Cedar Slope, Camp Nelson, Doyle Springs, Alpine Village, Wishon

Voluntary: Springville, Ponderosa

Evacuation Center: Porterville College Student Center, 100 E. College Ave., Porterville. Call 661-324-6427 (weekdays) or 800-REDCROSS (1-800-733-2767) Provide food, shelter, arrange for animal care, and other basic needs for evacuees.

Road Closures:

Closed to all traffic: Highway 190, east of Springville where it intersects with Balch Park Road. Western Divide Highway/HWY 190, west of Ponderosa, west of and including the North Road (FR 21S50) Balch Park Road is closed from the intersection of HWY 190 to Bear Creek Road.

Open only to residents (with proof of residency) Balch Park Road (J37) from Yokohl Valley Road to Bear Creek Road.

Area Closures: Sequoia National Forest closure includes trails, roads, and lands around the Pier Fire: Closure Order No. 0513-17-34 https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/article/5548/39662/ CALFIRE has closed Mountain Home State Forest, and Tulare County has closed Balch Park. All areas are closed until the fire is brought under control. Please keep in mind, suppression repair work will take additional time after the fire is contained, recreationists should plan ahead.

Smoke: Information for the levels of smoke in communities affected by the Pier Fire; http://wildlandfiresmoke.net/outlooks/2017/Pier#Main

People with respiratory conditions, young children, and elderly people may be susceptible to adverse effects. Air District officials urge residents to follow their doctor’s advice. For more information, see https://www.cdc.gov/features/wildfires/index.html or http://valleyair.org/wildfires.htm
Basic Information

Current as of 9/4/2017, 7:40:15 PM

Incident Type Wildfire

Cause Under Investigation

Date of Origin Tuesday August 29th, 2017 approx. 02:30 AM

Location Highway 190 at Wishon Road 7 miles East of Springville

Incident Commander Mike Minton, CIIMT5 Jeff McLaughlin (TC), Derek Staberg (CalFire TUU)

Current Situation

Total Personnel 1,416

Size 17,980 Acres

Percent of Perimeter Contained 10%

Fuels Involved 

Dormant Brush, Hardwood slash, timber, including areas affected by tree mortality. Fire is located in a heavy timber mortality area. The southern portion of the fire is burning in a location with little to no recorded fire history.

Significant Events 

Arriving instability brought cooler and more humid conditions. As a result, diminished but still active surface fire was observed in all fuel types. Isolated torching and medium range spotting were confined to areas of favorable wind and slope alignment.


Planned Actions 

Provide structure protection for threatened communities and infrastructure. Construct direct and indirect containment line where feasible. Plan and construct contingency line.

Projected Incident Activity 

A full suppression strategy is to be implemented on the Pier Fire. Values at risk associated with the incident include human safety, private property, and associated improvements, electrical power infrastructure, Giant Sequoia groves, and cultural values. Minimize acres burned on privately owned and tribal lands. Apply tactics on public lands that offer the highest probability of success.


A So Cal Edison water flume, with an estimated replacement cost of 3 to 5 million dollars, was reported as destroyed today. Previously reported destroyed So Cal Edison infrastructure has been valued at $1,000,000

Current Weather

Weather Concerns 

Partly cloudy with a 20% chance of thunderstorms through 9 pm. Lows 70-75 below 3000 feet. 60-65 higher elevations. Maximum relative humidity 35-40% below 3000 feet and 45-50% higher elevations. Winds downslope 2-6 mph with gusts to around 15 mph.


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4 Responses to Pier Fire Update, 9pm, 9/4/17

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  2. Charles Iacono says:

    God bless these fire fighters. They cannot be paid enough money for the thankless job they do. It’s a special breed of person that does this job. Just know that those of us who’s home you are risking your life to save, are in very much appreciation and can’t thank you very much.
    Charles Iacono
    Cabin at Pierpoint Springs


  3. Diane and Doug Wilks says:

    Thanks firemen water droppers And allequop,ent drivers for endangering your lives to keeping our homes safe Diane Wilks !,,,,’,!


  4. nany says:

    Congrats Charles your comments well taken. These special group of men are well indeed under paid for their services. You take the Hot Shot crews and I don’t intend tp give any less credit to others but these crews are weaving in an out of fire to knock it down n cut lines so flames don’t jump over. These guys are carrying tools mcclouds, saws, hydration packs on their back hiking into the unknown to assist with fire fighting. It is their nature an as you say a special breed. There is no insurance, no PTO earned but when they get the fire call they will respond no questions asked. I have a son who just completed a fire assignment Warm Springs, Oregon 21 days drive home on a Wednesday Friday rest day an out on our fire Springville and Reservatoon on Saturday. Leaving for work at 4am an getting home after 9pm. Not a complaint made other then keeping the crew safe. But again thanks to all of them some a long way from home.


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